Terms and Conditions

Guest Terms and Conditions

Mylos – Villas offers our services exclusively on the basis of the terms and conditions, which were sent to you in full as part of the Internet booking form before booking. Please read these carefully as you will be acknowledging the terms and conditions as binding in their entirety to you and persons registered with you when booking.


1. Insurance Requirements

Holiday and Travel Insurance is essential for your own protection and we strongly recommend that you and all members of your party be suitably insured. If you choose to travel without adequate holiday insurance, we will not be liable for any losses however arising in respect of which insurance cover would otherwise have been available.


2. Party Size

The holiday properties may only be occupied by the number of persons in the travel registration. In the case that you carry your baby with you, a baby crib will be provided.


3. Property Standards

We have carefully selected and inspected all the properties that we advertise and we endeavor to maintain high standards. However, if you have a problem during your holiday, immediately inform the local representative who will then endeavor to put things right. If you fail to do this we cannot accept responsibility, as we have not had the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem. Although we will make every effort to deal with problems promptly, a reasonable amount of time should be allowed for repairs to be completed by outside contractors.

Although Mylos – Villas carefully inspects and controls the holiday home before each single arrival, it could occur that a defect, fault or damage is detected. In such a case Mylos – Villas should be informed in writing by email to Mylos – Villas within 24 hours after arrival.

Please note that we accept no liability for intermittent failure of public supplies or utilities such as water or electricity over which we have no control, nor of sewage systems, plumbing or mechanical equipment in villas, but shall use our best endeavors to arrange prompt repairs where possible.

Inevitably, items break or require maintenance, therefore please be aware that you may encounter maintenance staff and gardeners during your stay. We reserve the right to charge for any damages made after the departure’s check from the owner’s side and to charge this to your credit or debit card.

The accommodation is for the exclusive use of the clients and is not to be sub-let under any circumstances. All breakages and losses must be paid for prior to departure, which normally ends at noon on the last day of rental. In case of late departure, we can extend your stay in the House, villa, or apartment only in the case that not new clients are expected.


4. Check in / Check out times

Your accommodation is available after 5pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am (10h) on day of departure. The maid, gardener, pool man need this time to prepare the accommodation properly for incoming guests. Although you are not required to vacate your property before 10am please be aware that staff may arrive before this time.


5. Change and Non-Availability of accommodation

On rare occasions it may be unavoidable to change your chosen villa because of circumstances beyond our or the owners control; we will endeavor to inform you of this as soon as possible and offer you either alternative accommodation of similar or superior standard, a refund if nothing is suitable or discuss other options. No further claim against the owner or the letting agent for any loss suffered will be considered.


6. Liability

Mylos – Villas does not accept liability for any act or neglect on the part of the owners or any other person not within their employ or their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury or expense, whether to person or property, which the tenants may suffer arising out of or in any way connected with the letting. The owner and the letting agent also accepts no liability for loss of or damage to the tenants’ possessions on the owners’ property, force majeure, or any other unpredictable events that Mylos – Villas could not have prevented.

Should a gross defect or fault be detected in a holiday home, Mylos – Villas will normally offer the tenant an equivalent holiday home of the same price level. Should the alternative holiday home be of a lower price, the price difference will be refunded. Should it not be possible to find a satisfactory solution due to a lack of available properties or due to the non-acceptance of the alternative holiday home by the tenant, the total rent or a part of the rent will be refunded according to the degree of liability determined by Mylos – Villas.


7. Accuracy

We endeavor to ensure that all the information on our website is accurate, however, occasionally changes and errors occur and we reserve the right to correct details in such circumstances. We make every effort to make sure that descriptions, photographs of furniture and fittings, etc. are accurate, however, there may sometimes be changes we are unaware of, and therefore vary from our website copy and photographs. We accept no liability should a description or a photograph be inaccurate. If a particular facility offered in a property is essential to the booking of your holiday, please ensure that we are made aware of this prior to you completing the booking confirmation pages.


8. On Arrival

Immediately upon arrival at your holiday home please familiarize yourself with the layout of the property and identify any potential hazards e.g. unexpected steps, slippery surfaces, pool depths etc.


9. Pets

Pets are welcome after consultation with the owners.


10. Cleaning

Cleaning service is available every four days. If you are unsatisfied with the cleaning standards, we require immediate written notice upon arrival at the villa.


11. Extension / Alteration of Holidays

Extending your holidays is not always possible, although every effort will be made. No refund will be given for a stay shorter, than the one you booked, and the villa, house or apartment is free to be let after the client’s departure. A major alteration may be treated as a cancellation.


12. Air Travel

Please make your own flight arrangements and then inform us of the details. We are not responsible for any problems with flights such as delays or cancellations by the operator or their agents.


13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The validity, construction, and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by company country Law. The Applicants and the Tenants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of company country courts.


14. Force Majeure

In the case of force Majeure, causing the cancellation of your booking (such as war, strikes, fires, natural disasters, pestilence, and other similar emergencies), no refund will be given.


15. Blue Pencil Test

Should one of the above terms be or become ineffective, the remaining terms retain their validity.